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    How to include ttf font in my j2me application ?

    Hi all,

    I need to add .ttf malayalam font in my j2me application. Is it possible to add and set .ttf font ? IF it is possible please tell me how to do that.

    Thanks with Regards
    Deepu George Jacob

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    Re: How to include ttf font in my j2me application ?

    It is not possible, I'm afraid. You cannot use any fonts besides system supplied default fonts, or "hand-made" bitmap files á la this wiki article:


    ( On some phones - at least Symbian/S60 based - you can replace/override system fonts with your own, and that'd affect also your app, but at the same time also the whole phone and all other apps, too. This is not something that Nokia has documented well, and resetting the situation may require reformatting the whole phone. And this requires the user to do it, and as a J2ME developer, you can't make your J2ME app do it for the user. Old blog post from 2007 on the subject: http://darlamack.blogs.com/darlamack...ng_fonts_.html ).

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    Re: How to include ttf font in my j2me application ?

    hi deepu
    There is a blueleaf dictionary.it using malayalam bitmap fonts.

    Why are you choose .ttf for j2me


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    Re: How to include ttf font in my j2me application ?

    No reason you can't create a custom bitmap font for Malayalam, since the number of individual shapes you need is relatively small.

    There are a couple of rendering challenges that will require some extensions to the code in the wiki article to which petrib refers.

    1. That code renders all characters the same width. At a push, you can get away with this for Latin and Cyrillic (though you wouldn't want to). I doubt you can with Malayalam, so you would need to implement variable width characters.
    2. Latin and Cyrillic are rendered strictly left-to-right. However, some Unicode characters for Malayalam are rendered before, before and after, or below the preceding character. So you need some logic to figure this out, specific to this script form.

    Neither of these are terribly complicated, but there is some work for you to do.


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    Re: How to include ttf font in my j2me application ?

    Thankyou for valuable informations

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