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    Issues working with web browser control

    Hi All,

    I am working on this new Lumia app where I have to get the html loaded document in my web browser control, filter html elements tags based on some criteria and validate user input.
    Parse html document include search for some tags, autofill text boxes values or validate user input values, automatically call submit button etc.

    here Html File will be dynamically loaded on my web browser control and I have no information about it.

    We can do this very easily with old control -
    Example is -


    If we have to do same in windows phone what are alternatives -

    We can do something like this -
    String title = (string)browserCntrl.InvokeScript("eval", "document.title.toString()");

    It will give us title of document but how can be achieve the above in example with new web browser control.

    Is eval is the only approach to work with html document on new browser control?

    I am seeking for ideas and work around here.

    Thanks to all
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