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    Smile Container UI issue

    Hello All,

    I am developing Symbian VOIP Application. I have following issues in E71, N95, N90 while it work properly in E72 device.

    1. After login from settingitemlist UI when container loads settingItemList control not delete properly and shows in containerview so controls of container not view properly.

    2. when label content change from registering to registered both text overlap each other so that container label not view properly and label content unreadable.

    Please help me resolve the issue I have attached the video Url in it

    Thank you

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    Re: Container UI issue

    I think you have not cleared the window after activating the container(i.e. when switching from settingitemlist view).Can you paste the Draw() method of the container here.

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    Re: Container UI issue

    Also do check that you have implemneted the CountComponentControls and ComponentControl functions properly.

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