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    Web browser 7.3.x.xx major bugs

    I found these on E52 with the latest firmware v91003 (browser
    1. Web browser closes on several pages. Some examples are:
    www.ipmart-forum.com (after choosing the mobile style), www.clipconverter.cc/mobile and www.myphone.gr.
    Because I'M totally blind I sent first to the one who makes the screen reading program I'M using, thinking that is caused only when running this and he toled me the following:
    "I just had a look at this one on an E52 on Nokia's Remote Device access, and found that this page closes with a KERN-EXEC 3 even without TALKS after loading about 300k of data. On www.ipmart-forum.com I had some problems selecting the mobile style, because the mouse cursor seems to have become invisible with the current Remote Device Access software. With some guessing, I still managed to hit the dialog box, and when switching to mobile style, this page also closes in the same way.

    Another observation is that www.clipconverter.cc/mobile loads fine if I turn off ECMA script. This doesn't help much because it disabled both TALKS access and limits the usefulness of most web pages, but at least it points to an issue with the JavaScript interpreter. On the other hand, turning off images doesn't make any difference, so it is probably unrelated to memory usage of large backgrounds or so.

    While this doesn't help you much, this probably has to be treated as a device bug that is independent of TALKS, and therefore much more difficult to fix. I am not sure if raising this with Nokia still helps, but in theory this is a bug that falls in their responsibility - I'm not sure yet what can be done about a broken JavaScript engine, unless the error happens to be very basic (and even then debugging it without having a version with the same error in the Windows emulator of Symbian is going to be hard).
    Just as an additional piece of information, this also happens on the C5-00 with firmware 71.005 (which as far as I know is the latest available one at the moment). Anyway, I don't have any idea how to go back to browser 7.2, which doesn't seem to suffer from this problem (tested on the Nokia 5800 with firmware 50.0).
    I am not sure if Nokia is still going to fix issues, but at least it is good that they know about this now. Theoretically, this should be an easy fix for a programmer as this is always reproducible, and only appears in one specific version of the browser."
    Hope these help you...
    2. In some pages i"M getting a "Memory full message". Some examples are www.videotoolbox.com. After registering their and converting a video the result can't be downloaded. www.loquendo.com, www.vodafone.gr after submitting a search and the page with the results opens.
    Please fix these!!!!!!!! If you don't do something about these and more web sites later do the related changes that now cause these bugs, the most web content will be inaccessible with recent devices like E52 and C5 which have a firmware after June 2011. It's something needed for the blind comunity as Symbian is the only official platform which has smartphones with all form facters and the most important, without touch screen.
    Please provide an option such as a final firmware update or a .sis installer file of an older or newer version of the browser or alternatively, please help me to downgrade the firmware to v54.003 where the browser 7.2 exists.I think this isn't a serius reason for buying an older device, as I'M satisfied with the current I have and as I know may lose functionallity as a result.
    Waiting for a responce, thank you.
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