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    Support geometry types for KML overlays?

    Hi folks,

    I'm using the Nokia Maps Javascript API, and some of my KML overlays are failing to render. At present, it appears the bug is caused when a KML uses the <MultiGeometry> type. When I remove the <MultiGeometry> tags, and only have a single geometry type per placemark, the overlays render.

    Is the MultiGeometry type supposed to be supported by the Javascript API?

    The KMLs were customer-generated, using ArcGIS, so I can't prevent the KMLs from using MultiGeometry unless I add an extra server-side parsing step (urgh... please no...)


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    Re: Support geometry types for KML overlays?

    According to the current documentation - the 2.2.4 API should support 2.1 KML and 2.2 KML and gracefully degrade for features it doesn't understand. The MulitGeometry tag is listed as documented, and I've just tried parsing a random KML file with it: Ski runs near Oslo and it worked fine for me - it also worked if I moved two LineStrings within one MultiGeometry

    So in summary it should work, but of course this will ultimately depend on the validity of the syntax of the KML you are using. Any chance you could post a sample file that isn't working so we can see where the problem lies - is the KML syntax not supported by the KML parser or is your KML file at fault?

    An alternative suggestion - try temporarily replacing <Multigeometry> with <Folder> to see if that improves the situation.

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    Re: Support geometry types for KML overlays?


    I also have a problem with KML overlays (i'm using Javascript API).

    When i load a kml file where the last coordinates is not the same than the first coordinates (for example : "4.49078404,45.23221104 4.50559101,45.23303018 4.51811524,45.24174958 4.30939514,45.43430162 4.3046026,45.41485991 4.30026176,45.41350544 "),
    the feature is not shown on screen.

    (it works when the end coordinates is the same of the first)

    For me it's a huge problem because i can't modify coordinates because i receive tehm from an STUnion of sql Server.

    It's normal ? I don't have this problem with openlayers (http://dev.openlayers.org/releases/O...r-formats.html)

    Thank you ;)

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    Re: Support geometry types for KML overlays?

    Hi rochedy,

    The Nokia Maps for JavaScript KML reader supports both <LinearRing> and <LineString> elements, so there should (ideally) be no problem in displaying a <LineString> where the first and last coordinates are not the same, indeed the Ski Runs near Olso file mentioned below contains <LineString> elements which do just that. However different KML readers are more or less forgiving in the strictness of interpreting the KML specifications, and the Nokia Maps KML reader will ignore elements it is unable to interpret. Would it be possible to post a link to some of your KML to see why your line string is being ignored? Alternatively you could just try validating your KML syntax yourself through an online validator such as: http://feedvalidator.org
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