I've released my first app (Series 40) through the Nokia Store, go me! While my app is useful, I don't regard it as being quite good enough to actually charge for. Therefore, I have started looking at Nokia Ad Exchange as a means of generating revenue on my app. I have made my initial application to join Nokia Ad Exchange, but given that I have only published one application, what are my chances of being approved? Also, with regards to NAX please excuse my ignorance on this subject. I understand the technical aspects of embedding an app into my project - what I don't quite get is how it all comes together. I see that everything is conducted through Nokia Ad Exchange credits, what I don't quite understand is how these credits are convertible to real money (if I am in England and I have $1 NAX, what is that in Pounds? If I am in India and I have $1 NAX, what is that in Rupees?). From what I have read, Nokia Ad Exchange also support other competing platforms (Android/IOS) - as I already have an existing Android application, is it a possibility for me to implement Nokia Ad Exchange in my Android app? If so, is there a Wiki article around this? If not, should I give it the old college try and submit a Wiki article of my experiences (assuming it's allowed here?).

Excuse the barrage of questions