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    Protect app id and authentication token

    Hi everyone...
    I am new with development using maps. I've read that i can use every my couple "app id" + "authentication Token" for one application. I am using javascript API... so, in this way app id and auth token can be visible in the source of page... this could be a problem or have i to find a way to protect/hide them? thanx

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    Re: Protect app id and authentication token

    Details about API Access controls can be found here . A separate appId/Token should be used for each application. The appdId/token combination is used for billing (beyond the basic threshold) and to offer usage stats to the developer.

    Well you really wanted to you could use a proxy or maybe load your files asynchronously to attempt to avoid someone copying your credentials, but it really isn't worth the bother. Obviously for the JavaScript API you must be sending the domain of origin to retrieve the library, so it should be transparent in the back-end if someone is trying to steal your credentials for another site.

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