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    Is radius search finally available?


    I've made a search on the Places API forum and I've found that in april, 2012 there wasn't any search option using radius. Now, almost one year latter, I'd like to know if you have any news about this.

    I'm doing my searches using search?at={lat}%2C{lng}&q={business}&app_id={app_id}&app_code={app_code}&accept=application%2Fjson, but I need to limit the radius.


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    Re: Is radius search finally available?

    AFAIK the options are still the same. So you can define location, but not limit the distance

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    Re: Is radius search finally available?


    Unfortunately, there is no radius search yet. I’m not sure about your use case, but you could use the "in" parameter for the explore endpoint to restrict the results in radius. The disadvantage is that explore doesn’t have free text search, but you could restrict the results by category.

    If you want to play around with the parameters, you can just paste requests into the web-browser which will bring up the places API playground.

    Daniel Moor
    Nokia Places API

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