I'm preparing a J2ME application to be published in Nokia Store, and plan to use the store's signing service.

The application main functionality consists simply of onscreen images changing when user presses (or swipes) up/down/left/right and playing of a sound corresponding to the image when user presses select or taps the screen. I was planning to have two onscreen buttons available, one for exiting the application and one to get the user to another view, which would have the info for about, short usage instructions and a way to turn sound on and off.

Reading the unified testing criteria, there are a lot of mentions of main menu, for example in AL2:
"4. The application should have displayed a main menu or interactive menu such as language selection screen where the use of the application can be started"

and there's also a whole test case for it (FN8):
"The main functionalities of Exit, Help and About are easily available through the main menu"

So I have a couple of questions:
1) Is a separate main menu (before actual application functionality) really required?
2) Would options menu (appearing over the main screen by softkey/button press) count as the main menu?
3) Can I combine the about+help+settings to a same screen as i described, and in this case, would the original plan be ok (no menu, only the about button)?