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Thread: URL Parameters

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    URL Parameters

    I need some information about url parameters.
    what is the maximum value for the radius "r" in a around search?
    what is the maximum value for the "size" parameter?
    There's a limit for API requests per day? for example mapquest allows 5000 request/24h

    Thank you

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    Re: URL Parameters

    Hi unimap,

    The current limit for the free API plan is 2500 requests/day for places. Please find all details at http://developer.here.com/plans.

    Given your questions, I’m curious about your use case. You should keep in mind that the places API allows usage for end user’s need only, see Terms and Conditions http://developer.here.com/terms_conditions.

    The current implementation limits size to 100 items and radius for the "in" parameter to 100km, although I think the explore endpoint gives a much better user experience when requesting for such a big radius. But this is just the current implementation, we might want to change this in the future or have a different maximum radius for different regions (in which case we should not return 400 but just limit the radius in the implementation).

    Daniel Moor
    Nokia Places API

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    Re: URL Parameters

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for this information.
    Regarding my use case, I work in a research laboratory, and we only making a comparison between providers for location-based services.

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