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    How to estabilish a connection if available?

    I have a widget that every 30 seconds checks my mobile network operator site and retrieves some data from my phone plan, such as remaining sms, minutes and MB available until the end of the week or month.
    The problems I'm facing are two:

    1) if the widget is set to fullscreen (or placed in homescreen) while connection is missing, a popup appears saying something like "Connection not available" and then "WidgetUI Error" and it will not try to connect again, even if connection will be available.
    Is there a way in javascript to force to estabilish a new connection?

    2) after some time (hours, I guess) the connection closes, and the widget won't connect anymore (and so problem n° 1 above happens again). I thought it could be a RAM problem, but after a few checks I figured out it wasn't.

    I have a N97 and the connection I'm talking about is 3G (UMTS) and not Wi-Fi. I don't think the code is needed in order to solve these issues but if it may be helpful I will post it

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    Re: How to estabilish a connection if available?

    Noone knows how to handle this behaviour?

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