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Thread: XHTML blows

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    XHTML blows

    Why does my 6340i browse websites that my 6800 can't? I thought WAP 2.0 was supposed to be backwards compatible?!

    can anyone with a WAP 2 browser get to mobile.msn.com or how about www.ebay.com? My Nokia 6340i gets their fine. My 6800 just hangs and then times out.

    If they can't get it to work on sites that it would if it were the old WAP 1.x browser, how about a way to disable XHTML with a menu option?

    What's the good of xHTML if no websites support it?


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    XTML Blows on the 6800

    MSN has fixed their site... Give it a try - it finally worked for me today 7-17-03.

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