Hi gents,

I am trying to make my app localization but phased the issue about which components support L10N localization. I am using 'autolocalization' so I have locale/locale.res on my app which includes the localization and using LWUIT 1.0 package.

As an example I tried following:
Button removeBtn = new Button(new String("removeMMCErrorKey"));
TextField removeTxt = new TextField(new String("removeMMCErrorKey"));
Label removeLbl = new Label(new String("removeMMCErrorKey"));
TextArea infoTxt = new TextArea(new String("removeMMCErrorKey"));

errDialog.addComponent(infoTxt );

In a dialog I get following:

Button "Insert MMC to continue."
TextField "removeMMCErrorKey"
Label "Insert MMC to continue."
TextArea "removeMMCErrorKey"

So TextArea/TextField does not support localization? If so which other components does/doesn't support localization. Or am I doing something wrong...