Hi everyone,
I am facing a problem on WP 8, using the Progress indicator and a message box. The code is pretty simple. What i want to do is, after doing some async work with an indefinite progress indicator running, hide the indicator and show a message box to the user, showing some info and an ok buton to continue.

What i do, then, is, after initializing the indicator:

ProgressIndicator prog = new ProgressIndicator();
prog.IsVisible = true;
prog.IsIndeterminate = true;
prog.Text = "Provo il login...";
SystemTray.SetProgressIndicator(this, prog);
Try to hide it and show box after doing some async stuff:

SystemTray.ProgressIndicator.IsVisible = false;
MessageBox.Show("Here is the information");
On WP7.8 it works good: the indicator is hidden, and the box is popped up. On WP8, instead, the message box is shown, thus locking the thread, BEFORE the progress indicator is hidden...

I know XNA allows a non blocking Message Box, but i wouldn't go that far.... I would just need to show the message after the hiding animation (OS managed) is over.... Is there any way to do that? Any better way to approach the problem?

Thank you very much!