I am developing Location based reminder app. My target device is Nokia C5-00. When I run an app in C5, while adding reminder in app; I am also adding ProxinityListner add that time, that code is as follows-

Coordinates proxcoord = new Coordinates(0.0, 0.0, 0.0f);
provider.addProximityListener(this, proxcoord, 50.0f);
proxcoord = null;
All details of reminder is get saved properly in RecordStore but mobile doesWhen I run on C5 it is not throwing an error on mobile but when I went near to Coordinates on which I add ProximityListener app doesn't execute code under proximityEvent() method.....
Also on Nokia SDK 1.0 emulator, it is throwing me an error of LocationExcetion. How should I resolve this problem..... make expecting suggestion ASAP....