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    Unhappy Nokia C5-00 not allowing use addPrximityListner() method

    I am developing Location based reminder app. My target device is Nokia C5-00. When I run an app in C5, while adding reminder in app; I am also adding ProxinityListner add that time, that code is as follows-

    Coordinates proxcoord = new Coordinates(0.0, 0.0, 0.0f);
    provider.addProximityListener(this, proxcoord, 50.0f);
    proxcoord = null;
    All details of reminder is get saved properly in RecordStore but mobile doesWhen I run on C5 it is not throwing an error on mobile but when I went near to Coordinates on which I add ProximityListener app doesn't execute code under proximityEvent() method.....
    Also on Nokia SDK 1.0 emulator, it is throwing me an error of LocationExcetion. How should I resolve this problem..... make expecting suggestion ASAP....
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    Re: Nokia C5-00 not allowing use addPrximityListner() method

    Try testing it on some other device with inbuilt GPS chip.

    C5-00 supports AGPS, while testing on this make sure that your device has got the GPS lock and the accuracy is more then the proximityRadius that you are requesting, check with the real coordinates that you get the device for any place - for promitiyEvent to fire and remember -

    The listener is called only once when the terminal enters the proximity of the registered coordinates. The registration with these coordinates is cancelled when the listener is called. If the application wants to be notified again about these coordinates, it must re-register the coordinates and the listener.
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