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    How do I stop the phone number of a taxi pull the map?

    Hi, I am developing a windows phone application is a nokiamap. But, in my application for taxi stops, I need the address and phone information. How do I attach the information( taxi stops telephone number) from Nokia maps. If you have any information on this subject would be very happy if you help.
    Waiting for your reply as soon as possible. Good works.Thanks

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    Re: How do I stop the phone number of a taxi pull the map?


    You could use the search endpoint to search for taxi:

    http://demo.places.nlp.nokia.com/pla...51%2C-122.4047 (if the user is not explicitly selecting a position in the map but you are deriving the position implicitly from a GPS sensor, use the Geolocation header instead of the at parameter)

    Following the href links in the response for each place will lead you to the details of the place, including phone number, web site, reviews, images etc.

    Daniel Moor
    Nokia Places API

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