I'm trying to open an URL from a Qt app in the browser set as the default browser in the Symbian settings. Therefore I found this one: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ymbian_C%2B%2B

It's mainly now only about Symbian:penUrlInDefaultBrowser(QString url); and Symbian::LaunchBrowserL(const TDesC& aUrl, TUid& _id);. I know that in the first one url isn't used yet. I'm able to compile and build this code with the following libs included:
LIBS += -lcone \ #openDefaultBrowser
-leikcore \ #openDefaultBrowser
-lavkon \
-lapgrfx\ #openDefaultBrowser
-lProfileEngine \
-lQtMessaging \
-lapmime #openDefaultBrowser
But if I try to use this code on the device nothing happens. As the device is not connected to QtCreator (never figured that out and it'll be far complicated cause QtCreator is running in VMware) and the Qt Simulator is not able to run Symbian code I'm not able to give any debug messages or so. But I hope that you can help me anyway, maybe there is somewhere something I missed or don't see as a bug, cause I'm not good in Symbian C++...

Both files:

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