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    UID transfer case


    I have the following use case, would be happy if anyone can throw light on it:

    An application is published on Nokia store which has the UID allocated in it from the Symbian signed account 'A' (the Express signed sis file was uploaded on Nokia store, Nokia publishing is not used here).

    Now there exists a second Symbian Signed account 'B' in which we want to transfer the same UID which is contained in the app published on store & was allocated by account 'A'.

    Clarification i am looking for :

    The transfer of UID is possible that i know, but after transfer when we upload the express signed sis file(signed from Symbian signed account 'B') with that same transferred UID to the Nokia store then would Nokia store will have any objections to it? Secondly, since the UID is same then that sis file would just be an 'upgrade' of the existing version of the app on store which will replace that existing version & there won't be any conflicts just because of different Symbian Signed accounts?

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    Re: UID transfer case

    You may get some ideas from http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...re-UID-problem probably. Although the case is different, #7 and #9 summarizes the links/addresses you could contact.

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    Re: UID transfer case

    Yeah i have gone through that thread thoroughly before posting & it was clear that transferring of UID's is possible but just doubtful with regards to publishing. Will email the support people.


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