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    Nokia C5 and AT+CBST?


    Actually i'm communicating with the Nokia via a PC terminal program, but could not find a forum that matched my request more precisely.

    The AT+CBST command (same for ...? and ...=?) is just returning ERROR on my Nokia C5.

    This counts for some other commands also, while general ones are working ok (ATA, ATD,...).

    Any idea why?

    br Lars

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    Re: Nokia C5 and AT+CBST?

    Might be, that the phone just doesn't support that particular AT command.

    Many, many years ago Nokia published on this site two AT command reference documents (one for GSM/WCDMA phones by Nokia, and another for Nokia's CDMA phones).

    The documents had no model-specific AT commands listed, and as far as I know, has not been updated to cover any changes that has happened in recent years (if my memory serves me right, those documents are from about 10 years ago).

    The documents are probably still here somewhere...

    If you can't find them, they're not sufficient (which they might not be, given their age), and nobody here on the forums are able to help, then you can also contact Nokia's paid developer support, if getting an answer is important to you:


    P.S. Your question was moved to the Symbian forum from S40/Asha/Java, as all the C5-** models are Symbian based, and the question is not about Java.
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    Re: Nokia C5 and AT+CBST?

    See http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ki/AT_Commands, and the "Related links" on the page, some of them seem to work.
    However if you get an ERROR, that is an error, there is not much left to do.

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