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    POI data sources


    Where can I find the list of POI data sources used by Here.
    I know that there's NAVTEQ and Tripadvisor. There's other sources?

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    Re: POI data sources

    I'm not sure if this information is available within the API directly, and I expect it is frequently updated, but looking at the JSON structure for an individual place you should be able to obtain the title of the supplier for each review, image and editorial. You could make a series of queries and iterate through a variety of locations and read the list of suppliers maybe.

    The logos for the suppliers are of the form: http://download.vcdn.nokia.com/p/d/p...pliers/13.icon and there are at least 70 of them numbered from 01.icon through to 70.icon Now it should be possible to obtain the names of the suppliers using a reverse image search such as TinEye - e.g. icon 13 refers to Insight guides for example

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