Hope no one minds me putting this thread up. I am just wondering if any of the Nokia Web Development team (or anyone connected with them) is reading this forum. If so, can anyone answer my questions.

I've been doing development on this platform for a few months now. While there is a lot to like about it (it's incredibly fast to knock up an app, there's no worries with Java heap spaces, etc.) - there are still a number of areas that really frustrate.

1. The lack of full Javascript support (hence the lack of full support for JQuery and lots of other popular Javascript libraries). For me, this is the biggie and this is what is really holding back the development platform. Just about every web developer today is using some kind of Javascript library to create attractive UI components, utilise JSON, traverse the DOM, etc. I find it a massive shame that there is all this fantastic technology out there, but yet we're still having to write Javascript like it's 2003. Can anyone tell me if future JQuery support is an impossibility, or whether it's something that can be, or is being looked at?
2. Lack of offline support, this isn't so big an issue, but it certainly is a concern. A lot of developers seem to forget that non-MWL Javascript is executed on the server-side, hence their web app needs an internet connection, even if they aren't making outbound HTTP connections. Is there a limitation on the Nokia Browser that prevents it from compiling Javascript on the device?
3. Lack of support for multiple HTML files - this is easy to get around with MWL and switching div's, but as an application grows, div switching becomes incredibly unwieldy and time-consuming. Having the ability to spread your app across multiple HTML files would be a very nice to have feature.

Judging from the questions on the forum, I would say that these are 3 of the most significant issues facing this platform. Anyone care to comment?