I added the NAX library to my MinesFinder S40 WebApp, added the container, set all options, tested it and everything worked fine. Next I re-published it to the Nokia Store and it took only a few days to get approved.
It is now for a week in the appstore. I didn't changed the in-build version number, so all users should get served the new version with ads without any re-installing. And still, I have 0 (ZERO) ad impressions within the last week. Over 10.000 people have the app installed. I would say at least one should have opened it...

So I checked the source file "nax_ads.js" and what do I find there? Above the //public part where I have to enter my divID and appID, in the function buildRequestString() the code is:

var params = {
				"po":  	551,
				"test": "true",
Does this mean I should have had checked this private function and change a variable other than those marked as "//must" and other than those in the public part under parameters to actually get paid for showing these ads? I'm feeling seriously betrayed and am very angry.

Please answer, I want to get this straight.