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    Post open a url with platformrequest or by httpconnection GET what's the diff

    I have to do a httprequest in background for a j2me application, till now i am using this.midletname.platformrequest(url), this request also does some redirects at server ends, but nonetheless my work finishes, the thing is this platformrequest opens up a dialog box asking user for permissions.

    I can do the same using httpconnection GET , just wanted to know if their is a big difference between both, or as i understand the platformrequest opens up the default browser and that's pretty much.

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    Re: open a url with platformrequest or by httpconnection GET what's the diff

    Yes, that is the difference: the platformRequest thing opens the browser, while HttpConnection gives you a connection to get or post the data yourself.

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    Re: open a url with platformrequest or by httpconnection GET what's the diff

    An HttpConnection will support only HTTP (and HTTPS), allows you options such as sending back cookies or POSTing data, and retrieves data back to your application including the response code, the headers, and the content data. You must then handle the received data, nothing will handle it for you.

    platformRequest() supports multiple protocols, but simply launches the appropriate application on the device to handle that URL (if there is one). That application will then request the URL and handle the response, but you have no control over this, and you will not see the received data in your application. On some devices, your application might have to terminate before the browser (or other application) can launch.

    Both will display a dialogue asking for permission.


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