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    Question Namaste...Where to start?


    I know C and C++, the whole layout of the developer section is confusing. Please consider me to be an absolute beginner and tell me what is the first thing I need to read to know Java and after learning Java which section should I start reading to develop for Nokia Asha 311.

    What is the first place to start and after that where should I go?

    Sorry for the trouble and thanks for helping me.

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    Re: Namaste...Where to start?

    Welcome to Nokia Developer

    If you intend to build JavaME (J2ME) applications for Nokia Asha 311, take a look at this page:

    It shows how to setup the environment, write your first application, pointers to Java ME APIs starting from the basic.

    Also, something to explore after that are the code examples,

    We also have a Developer Wiki, and it has a JavaME section which has really useful material.. most of which could be used for the app you have in mind, check it out,

    On a side note, you can also write applications for Nokia Asha 311 by developing a Web App,

    Any questions, just ask!
    Pankaj Nathani

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