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    Angry [moved] Need to make a complaint about nokia care

    Im using N79 which as problem with keypad which is not working .
    I went nokia care in vellore near Venus theater.

    They received my handset and said that i would cost minimum of rs.400.
    I accepted it later wen i called them for the status update they told me it would cost around 1500 that too they don know that they hav the spare parts or not, their madam(head) has gone out of station it seems, they asked me to wait for two days to let me know tat they can make this repair or not.

    I simply asked them can u make it faster coz if they say tat i could make some other arrangements, they immediately said that they ll not get the spare parts and they cant repair it and they dint respond me for further questions
    they were ignoring me like anything.

    For this answer they were asking me to call them for 5 times.

    IM fed up with them, now i think that it would be better to change to SAMSUNG.

    ANd i need to now that the same problem in chennai it cost arount 2200 and in vellore its 1500, why is the difference happening as it is a part of NOKIA and controlled my NOKIA.

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    Re: NEed to make a complaint about nokia care

    Hi Manoj,

    This forum is for software development questions only!

    If you have a problem using a Nokia device or if you have device improvement suggestions the correct place for your posts is: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: NEed to make a complaint about nokia care

    Hi Manojkumards! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    As I understand you are from India, you can contact Nokia Support team via call or email and raise your concern http://www.nokia.com/in-en/support/contact/

    Hope it helps!

    Twitter : @balagopalks
    Linkedin : @balagopalks

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