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    Unhappy Recordstore Problem with Asha 201

    Hi Friends!

    I have a midlet suite of two midlets:

    Midlet-1 creates Recordstore and writes data to it. Midlet-2 opens same
    Recordstore and reads the data and displays it to user.

    The midlet suite works as designed on my E51 (S60, MIDP2.0) and on my
    Backberry phones. But when tested with my Asha 201 (S40, MIDP2.1), Midlet-2 does not
    display the data that is in the Recordstore.

    Note: I'm not using any Nokia specific API in my code.

    Thanks for helping.


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    Re: Recordstore Problem with Asha 201

    Is Midlet-1 able to read the data back once closed and run again?

    My first guess... midlet-1 is not closing the recordstore after writing to it. You must call closeRecordStore() exactly the same number of times as you call openRecordStore(). Use try... finally to make sure it happens.

    Is there an exception thrown in midlet-2, or are there simply no records?


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