I have following lines to create a multi-selection listbox


void CTestList::MakeListBoxL()
	iListBox = new ( ELeave ) CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox(); 
	iListBox->ConstructL( this, EAknListBoxMultiselectionList| EAknListBoxLoopScrolling ); 
	iListBox->SetContainerWindowL( *this );
	iListBox->Model()->SetOwnershipType( ELbmOwnsItemArray );
	iListBox->CreateScrollBarFrameL( ETrue );
	iListBox->ScrollBarFrame()->SetScrollBarVisibilityL( CEikScrollBarFrame::EOff, CEikScrollBarFrame::EAuto );

	iListBox->SetListBoxObserver( this );
	iListBox->SetFocus( ETrue );

But when I select an item in the listbox, HandleListBoxEventL() is not get called. What might be the reason for that? Thanks