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    How to use Bluetooth Server - Client

    i use to send data in every update..
    is that have problem??
    can it get a crashed??

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    Re: How to use Bluetooth Server - Client

    Basically from your query it is impossible to know which platform you are using, and what excatly it is that you are having problems with. So please first check the categories in the discussion baord, select teh most suitable one for your currently used technology & APIs and then ask again under the selected category.

    And please do remember to tell:
    - What it is that you are doing, and how
    - What would you expect to happen
    - and what is actually observed to be happening

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    Re: How to use Bluetooth Server - Client

    thx for the quick reply,

    I'm developing nokia 311, and i use bluetooth API from this open source code

    i already follow the code of btsppecho..
    and it runs well in 3 second..
    after that it's disconnect by itself..

    I want my app can make pair with other device..
    and always send data (X,Y) to know where they are..

    this time, i send that data(X,Y) ini void Update..

    i just want to know the basic of bluetooth, cause i'm newbie here..
    will that have problem with send data in void update?
    as we know void update get called in many time per second..
    so maybe it's sending a lot of data here...

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