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    KML parsing with Nokia Qt SDK maps demo

    I have installed QTSDK 1.2.1 and using mapsDemo example. I want to parse my own kml file which has place markers and display it on map.

    i am new to kml file parsing. Any Qt API to support this? any tips on KML parsing with Qt?

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    Re: KML parsing with Nokia Qt SDK maps demo

    The Nokia Maps API for Qt and Maps Demo itself does not have a dedicated KML parser within it. However KML is merely a "well-known" format of XML, and a series of Qt XML Examples already exist. To read KML all you would need to do is parse the <coordinates> element within each <Point> element within each <Placemark> and so on.

    <kml xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/kml/2.2">
    </Placemark>  ...etc
    It gets a bit more complicated when trying to parse complex documents with <Folder>, but you will only need to do this if your input KML is more advanced. I would try reading a few simple but schematically well defined sample KML files first and just output the coordinates read. Try searching for a "Sample KML file" to get some examples.

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