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    Nokia Debug Device not working for Asha 205

    I am trying to setup Nokia Debug Device.
    I had transfer the Device Debug App to mobile.
    But when i try to open the Device Debug App on my Nokia Asha 205 Phone.
    It shows the "Unable to start" Error.

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    Re: Nokia Debug Device not working for Asha 205

    Hi trivedikamal123 and welcome to Nokia's Developer Discussion Boards,

    After a quick test on Nokia Asha 205 running software from the 10th of July 2012, I managed to both install the On Device Debugger for Series 40 on the device and also debug a custom application. A few points to consider
    1) The Debugger application is a signed one. You need to install from the .jad file not the .jar alone. If you haven't done it already, try to transfer the Debugger.jad and Debugger.jar files over Bluetooth directly to the My apps folder of the device.
    2) Try to update your device software using Nokia Suite.
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