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    Lwuit Container, pointer released event

    Hi all!

    I'm building a Container, which has inside so many labels. When I override the pointerReleased method in this Container, it doesn't work as I expected. When I make the realease event over the labels contained in the Container, the method doesn't work. When I release the pointer in a free zone, the method works. Have any idea?


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    Re: Lwuit Container, pointer released event

    While the Label-s are probably not focusable (explicitly set in the constructors, see https://projects.developer.nokia.com...uit/Label.java), there is some "isGrabsPointerEvents" thing, which may matter too. At least it is used in getComponentAt of https://projects.developer.nokia.com...Container.java (line 1052 now). You may want to check if it happens to be true for some reason.

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    Re: Lwuit Container, pointer released event

    You can try an alternate approach.Add a button to the container but donot show it.Set the button as the lead component of the container.Now all interactions with the container will be passed to the button.

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