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    pre-warming shaders

    Ok Question this time ^_^ (no bug)

    I'm noticing that on the Nokia 620 that my shaders when used for the first time seem to take a long time to draw. playing the first level of my game causes all the shaders to initialize. and there are hicups. quit and rerun through the first level and no hiccups. so i thought i would add to my game a phase at the beginning that cycles through all my shaders and draws a full screen quad. "pre-warm" my shader.

    I know for a fact my shaders are drawing. i can see it visually on the screen. however it seems as if some shaders are still causing a slow down when the first time an object is drawn with them.

    is there a recommended way to pre-warm my shaders on the 620?


    Edit: appears to be just an issue when connected to the debugger. donno why. close/deleting this thread is ok. sorry for the inconvenience. i hate finding answers 5 minutes after you post a question errgh. again apologize
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