I would like to open a discussion on something that's bothering me since a while:

I have a pubished app, say with version 1.1 and I am currently developing the next version, say 1.2. On my phone I have installed the published version in order to see when updates get pushed or to compare it with the in-development version or to reproduce possible bugs.

Both instances appear in the app list on the phone with the same name and logo, they are indistinguishable. I don't know of a rule about the order in which they appear, it looks like the published app comes first but I'm not sure of this.

On the emulator this problem doesn't appear because there is no published version available.

I binged for this but didn't find any matches, so I thought about a homebrew solution. But I'm not yet content with the results of my brainstorming:

* Give the app a different name or logo during development. This is too error-prone. Forget to reset the name before uploading and you got a problem.
* Use the localization mechanism to create two different native resource libraries for your preferred language and use the modified one with a changed app name just for debug mode. You need post-build steps to copy the dlls here and there. This at least solves the problem for the debug version but it's a lot of work if you don't have a localisation of the app title using a native resource library in place.

Does this problem bother anyone else?
Does anyone have another idea what can be done?

Open for discussions on this...