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    Proper and correct Config.xml

    Does anyone know the proper and correct config.xml file to submit with the seried 40 apps. I have looked at the examples in the series 40 apps section. Edited them with the details of the app title,developer email address and website etc but it gets rejected every time. Has anyone actually got a perfect sample which can be edited very easilly.
    Thank you

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    Re: Proper and correct Config.xml

    What are you getting rejected on?

    My guess is that your application name (the title on Nokia Publish) isn't the same as the application name in your config.xml

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    Re: Proper and correct Config.xml

    Thank you for this . the problem is I do not know what the problem is all they say is that I should look at the example codes but I will now go throught the config.xml with a fine toothcomb to eliminate the problem
    Many thanks

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