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    correct gps data to follow road trace

    Hello all,

    I have an GUI application make with Qt creator and QT mobility location api. My application catch GPRMC frames from a file text,
    print a circle point on each coordinates point and trace lines between points to print my run.

    My problem is that i would like to move gps coordinates to move it on the next road. It will allow me to stay in road traces.

    I tried using QGeorouting manager in order to calculate path between 2 points but if points are next instead of on the road,
    it calculates alternative traces with deviations and it's not what I want.

    I hope my explication is understandable...

    Someone have any ideas to doing that ?

    PS : sorry for my poor english

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    Re: correct gps data to follow road trace

    If I unserstood you correctly you have pre-defined points A,B,C,etc and you would like to have you current location displayed on the track between them?

    If so, what you can do is find the closest track for the current point, to do that you can use the "Distance from a point to line" algorithm.
    Then when you know the closest line, calculate a point on the line that crosses with your point in a 90 degree angle, that should do it.

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    Re: correct gps data to follow road trace

    I am ok, but I don't have the line coordinates. there is no class in Qt location wich provides the track data.

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