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    How to dislay venue details in Maps API on Windows Phone 8 ?

    Nokia has some awesome technology that is shared with Microsoft in the Bing Venue Maps. I was hoping this same venue information is available in the offline using the Maps API. Is there a way to display this venue information from within WP8 and Maps API ?

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    Re: How to dislay venue details in Maps API on Windows Phone 8 ?

    the Maps API itself does not include any specific Venue Data, thus you would need to find a way on getting that data, and then it would eb rather trivial on how it could be added to the Map.

    I suppose the Venues with Bing, and what we call Places with Here. And currently there is no Windown phone API for accessing teh places data, but indeed you can use the Rest API from WP apps as well, it though requires a bit more coding.

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