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    S40 SDK Emulator internet access


    Started developing my first application for the Nokia C3-00 today. I am using the 1.1 SDK.
    I am trying to create a socket connection. However, the emulator doesn't have an internet connection.
    How can I enable internet access for the emulator?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: S40 SDK Emulator internet access

    What makes you say it has no internet connection? If it's running on a computer with an internet connection, it should use that connection.

    Are you trying to open a socket to a service running on the computer that is also hosting the emulator? If you are, beware that you cannot use "localhost" or "". You must use the actual assigned IP address of the computer (usually "10.x.x.x" or "192.176.1.x").


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    Re: S40 SDK Emulator internet access

    Be sure that the emulator you used supports socket.

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    Re: S40 SDK Emulator internet access

    You may also need to configure your proxy if you are behind a firewall.

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