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    No maps for Japan... Reason?

    I know that Nokia not so popular in Japan, but i think in Uganda and Tanzania Nokia much less popular, but for those countries map are exist . In all topics of this theme (No Japan on OVI maps, No maps for Japan) Nokia didn't explain reason, and main: should we wait maps for Japan?

    P.S. I'm not from Japan but at least it is very strange that there are no maps for the most progressive and solvent country of the world...

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    Re: No maps for Japan... Reason?

    I would recommend you go to here.com, and click the feedback button on teh right side of the map. Note though that it appears to be translated according to the country of presense, and not according to any language settings of your computer, so if you are in japan, the text likely says "feedback" in japan.

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    Re: No maps for Japan... Reason?

    This isn't really an API/programming question, more of a general discussion question. The question really boils down to where does the map data come from, and how easy is it to obtain it? Now, Nokia bought Navteq back in 2007, and hence uses the Navteq data as the basis of the maps. Obviously although it is the aim to have totally accurate up to the minute maps over the whole globe, the reality is that different parts of the World will get mapped, re-mapped and updated at different times. There must be a gap in current data-set that Nokia owns and the decision will have been made to keep the current "accurate-but-not-detailed" maps over the cost of buying in third party data or using some open source data of lower quality to provide "detailed-but-not-accurate" maps.

    Regarding the order in which countries are upgraded, this is obviously a cost-benefit decision within Nokia, which also needs to take local/national politics into consideration as well. The same data question was until recently being asked of maps of Serbia, Israel etc.. until they were updated to street level at the beginning of the year. I guess Uganda and Tanzania are easier (or cheaper) to update.

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