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    LWUIT VKB not working in landscape orientation


    I'm new to Java ME programming and I ran into problems with LWUIT. Maybe not LWUIT specific problem but with LWUIT it is reproduced perfectly both on simulator and on the device - Asha 310). In portrait mode the VKB is working as expected. Also, if you open the VKB in portrait mode and then rotate the phone, it is also working until you close VKB and then try to edit another field. The screen flickers but VKB does not appear and the blinking cursor does not appear in the text field.'

    The following code is the minimal test case where the problem appears. It is really frustrating as the only workaround seems to be to lock the midlet to portrait mode, which is not a good solution. Any ideas why is this happening and how to fix it?

    package com.test;
    import com.sun.lwuit.Form;
    import com.sun.lwuit.TextField;
    public class FolderForm extends Form {
    	FolderForm() {
    		super("my form");
    		addComponent(new TextField());

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    Re: LWUIT VKB not working in landscape orientation

    I think this may be a bug with LWUIT, see this thread.


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    Re: LWUIT VKB not working in landscape orientation

    Thanks for the response!

    Might be related but in this case the containers are resized/rearranged/redrawn properly when the orientation changes, it's just VKB that doesn't open in landscape. Actually, sometimes it opens but only after several taps and after that stops working properly again.

    If there is no solution for this, is there any way to lock the screen orientation to portrait for specific Form in LWIUT while allowing the other forms to rotate?

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