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    Data Shut Down App

    I have a suggestion for nokia store.
    Like android phones nokia phones do not have a option of data shutdown.
    So when whats app is installed it keeps on connecting automatically as even whats app dosent

    have a option to stop connecting to data.
    So nokia store should develop a freeware software for nokia phones like E72 , E5 etc that

    can help the phone to shut on & off the data usage.
    Currently when we want to stop Whats app from using data than we have to either uninstall

    whats app or we have to delete data settings but Instead if a small application is launched

    for symbian hones that can help to manually shut down data plan than it would be great

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    Re: Data Shut Down App

    Nokia Store does not developer any apps, developers do, and then they use Nokia store as distribution channel.

    anyway, many Nokia devices have options on disabling internet connections, so not seeing the point of making additional applications for the use case. Anyway if you believe it would be good business case to make such an application, you can always download our tools and start making one.

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    Re: Data Shut Down App

    From belles os onward,you can manually switch off mobile data or wifi connection from drop down menu or toggle button in homescreen.The device you mention don't support belle which mean the mobile data cannot be disable i guess and this cause the app to search and use whatever connection available if wifi is off.
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