Good night all .
refer to video streamer example
it is possible to make output video on x-hx-avc1 format on native video player?

on video streamer example description it say
The​YouTube API also provides support for specifying the video format with the​format parameter. Supported formats for RTSP streaming are H.263 and MPEG-4 SP. Regardless of the format, the maximum resolution for streaming content is 176x144.

id: model

property string channelName: "nokiadevforum"
property string searchTerm: ""
property int startIndex: 1
property int maxResults: 10

source: "" +
"q=" + model.searchTerm +
"&author=" + model.channelName +
"&start-index=" + model.startIndex +
"&max-results=" + model.maxResults +

i try to add hd tag,fmt=6,and change mobile to api but fail...

Nokia trailer app can play x-hx-avc1...

if can,what must i do to the code...but if its imposible nothing i can do

im sory if my question look fool,but im curios...beside that i want to make similiar app like video streamer....

thank you