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    Post Bluetooth/USB connectivity with PC/Desktop- 2 way image transfer

    Hey fellow Nokiijens,
    I have been working on and developiing a new gaming app, which generates gaming elements in real time, I have used matlab on my desktop to create the main algorithm for manipulating images taken from a phone's camera.It extracts elements from the image and returns it to the phone.Currently I want to test this system,so the connectivity option I see are bluetooth or USB.
    However,I read all the forum articles on spontaneous bluetooth connectivity but I am yet to find a solution to implementing two wat connectivity so that, I can integrate it in my app?
    The flow of procedesure will be:
    capture a image
    bluetooth transfer from phone to PC
    transfer back from PC to phone
    used for game elements generation.
    I am stuck, any help or reference is highly appreciated.

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    Re: Bluetooth/USB connectivity with PC/Desktop- 2 way image transfer

    Hi there Amanbansal,

    Welcome to our forums.

    I didnt do much work with bluetooth and Windows Phone so far. As I see you will probably need to create an app on the PC side to receive the file and to initiate a transfer from the PC to the phone on demand. I dont see a way to automate this process. I'll dig a bit more on to this, because its an area that interests me. But for now, I would like to ask if you have looked at this documentation on Windows Phone?


    Also I would look at using sockets for what you want.

    For that I would start to look at this library that includes many helpers and sample code for many scenarios, not only Windows Phone:

    But if you prefer to start from the basics, the first link above is a good place to start.

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    Re: Bluetooth/USB connectivity with PC/Desktop- 2 way image transfer

    Hey Hi,
    I have been through those links earlier, actually I was a android developer earlier, but Windows development attracted me. The workaround to my problem is uploading image to a server manipulate it and download it again, but server is a bottleneck as it requires a internet connection.
    I know what I am trying to achieve is difficult but not impossible.I was looking at the documentation, We can create C# program which can authenticate the second step of process, But I am yet to know about the first step , something on the lines of How we generally transfer images from phone to other bluetooth connected devices.I just need to automate that much. If that clicks something in your mind, please respond. It would be highly appreciated by me.
    Aman Bansal

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