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    Graphics in the Absence of GDI+

    Hello Nokia Devs.

    I have posted this question in numerous forums and never had a single answer, so please put your thinking hats on

    I need help drawing in using VB.net in WP8 due to the absence of GDI+.

    See the attached image.

    Imagine that the background is black. I want the points along the polyline to be the same color as the gradient through which it (currently) passes, such that low level values appear green, high level values yellow and over max levels in red.

    I think OpacityMasks might be the way to go, but the examples I have found use the DrawingGroup class which (as far as I can see) is absent from WP8.

    Hope you can help.

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    Re: Graphics in the Absence of GDI+

    Pen has a Brush, and it seems to do exactly what you need. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...pen.brush.aspx

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    Re: Graphics in the Absence of GDI+

    That example is similar to the one I found but I can't see GeometryDrawing, DrawingGroup, Pen, DrawingImage defined in WP8

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    Re: Graphics in the Absence of GDI+

    WriteableBitmap or Canvas is the way to go. Depends on required performance. Pen/Brush/Geometries can be replaces with Canvas + Ellipse/Rectangle/Path (shapes).
    The most performant managed way is WriteableBitmap (see this amazing project http://writeablebitmapex.codeplex.com/ and blog of author http://kodierer.blogspot.com/).
    For WP8 you can managed+native solution - DrawingSurface + sharpdx/c++ dx. See this article http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...with_a_picture for a very basic reference.
    Alternative can be WP7 + XNA or WP8 + Monogame/XNA

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