My problem is that an error occurs when trying to remove a folder from the directory on the phone when uninstalling the application.
I've surfed the web and I've found that in order to delete a folder when uninstalling the application, I must implement some rules to the package. So I implement the below
symbian {
  removeMyFolderContent = \
  removeFiles.pkg_postrules += removeMyFolderContent 
  DEPLOYMENT += removeFiles
So when uninstalling the app, the folder is removed correctly with its content, but an error occurs when the uninstallation is finished "Removal failed"
Any idea why that error is occurring ???
Note that inside MyFolder, I have .jpg, .png, .mp3 .... files, and after building and runing the application I have the following line in myapplication.pkg ""-"C:\MyFolder\*.*",FN

Best Regards