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    Re: Media-rich JAR too large?

    An update on this folks.

    Thanks to the 150% increase in the JAR size limit, in the end, I was actually able to increase the quality of my sound files. Hurrah for Asha OS - it's ridiculous how this has managed to come to my rescue just in time

    That didn't solve my issue with older Series 40 devices. However, thanks to some lateral thinking, I have gotten around this issue too. I had actually completely forgotten that J2ME supports the much more lightweight MIDI format. Since the original copies of my audio files were in MIDI format, I just used them.

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    Asha FT App Size exceed 2mb

    My app size exceeds 2mb
    Is there any way to publish this Asha FT app on ovi store?
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    Re: Asha FT App Size exceed 2mb

    No, there is a cap of 2MB for all s40 jar apps (except new Asha platform which is currently only the 501 that allows for upto 5MB)
    You should try and reduce the jar size with the various method we already mentioned here in many of the threads

    How to optimize PNGs to reduce JAR size
    Reduce JAR Size: Replacing classes with arrays

    What currently takes up the most size in your jar file? images? sounds? code?

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    Re: Asha FT App Size exceed 2mb

    Your question is merged to a similar thread now.

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