I have a qml which has audio playing.I need to pause the audio from QAPPlication ie cpp code.
QML CODE is as follows
import Qt 4.7
import QtMultimediaKit 1.1

Text { text: “Click Me!”; font.pointSize: 24; width: 150; height: 50; Audio { id: playMusic source: “music.wav” } MouseArea { id: playArea anchors.fill: parent onPressed: { playMusic.play() } } } ************************************************************ When i hide my qml app ,I need to pause the audio playing. This is straight forward pausing in qml file by using signals and slots I need to pause the audio from cpp code .
The scenario is
When i get an incoming call , I should pause the media which is playing .
I want in Qt app context to pause the media.I dont want QML do the pausing of the media
Please post me if you people have anything