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    How to do NFC connection for Nokia's J2ME emulator

    Hi All,

    how to do NFC in Nokia's J2ME emulator, kindly inform me if it really supports NFC on emulator and tell me the functionality how it works.
    Actually i want to do the POC for NFC which will transfer the files from one emulator to others on the same PC using LLCP protocol for
    peer-to-peer communication for NFC. PLease if anyone has already done this POC kindly help me to figure out the issue.

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    Re: How to do NFC connection for Nokia's J2ME emulator

    I don't know anything about this topic, but it does sound like using NFC is possible with the Nokia j2me emulator. Have you downloaded the emulator for the Nokia 6212?


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    Re: How to do NFC connection for Nokia's J2ME emulator

    Actually he downloaded the Symbian^3 SDK and the NFC plug-in.
    Communication between emulators via emulated NFC is probably not possible anyway. Nokia Connectivity Framework is the tool for supporting emulator-emulator communication and it has not been updated in the last 4-5 years, it supports IrDA and BT connections only.
    Based on
    Quote Originally Posted by Release notes
    System Requirements:

    Supported SDK:
    • Nokia Symbian^3 SDK v1.0.

    Hardware requirement:
    • Refer Nokia Symbian^3 SDK v1.0 release notes.
    • Omnikey card reader which is available at www.omnikey.com.
    my impression is that this NFC support for the emulator means that you will be able to use this card reader. Chances that they do not support P2P as they are card readers.

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