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    Question problem with publishing

    I have finished coding my app/ Now how do I publish it. I have paid 1 euro. what should I do next

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    Re: problem with publishing

    1. Go to https://publish.nokia.com/ and log in.
    2. Click Create New Content
    3. Select Series 40 Web App
    4. Answer the questions - then fill in the details of your application, upload your wgt file and you're done!

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    Re: problem with publishing

    Before submitting it to Nokia store, fill up proper details about Author name, email and version number in your config .xml (if you haven't already). Remember, when you submit wgt files to Nokia store, you can get the jar / jad files of your application at the email address given in your config.xml. You may use this jar / jar for testing.

    Also if your application collects any user data, you may want to write a privacy policy on the web and link it in your application. I've seen applications being rejected for not having a privacy policy.

    Once you upload the webapp to the Nokia store, it should be live in a week, if all goes well.

    Good luck
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: problem with publishing

    So as Grift said you need to upload the WGT file to the Series 40 Web Apps from the content screen..why did'nt nokia have a different submission process for the Asha Apps this would be so easy for us who are new Asha Developers...I spend 30 mins on the chat with the agent and he was an idiot who was just giving me links to the Developer Guide and this and that...thanks for the answer Grift...

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