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    LaunchApp - Must the 'Open App' always been shown?

    My scenario is that I would like to launch a previously installed app when touching a NFC tag the first time its touched but then once the app is actually running I just want to get the associated data on the tag and not see the 'Open app?' popup. Is this possible?

    So to clarify:-

    1. User touches tag with app installed but not running.
    2. 'Open app?' is displayed and app is launched.
    3. Now with the app open user touches the tag again.
    4. Is it possible to not get the 'Open app?' popup at this point but just read data instead.


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    Re: LaunchApp - Must the 'Open App' always been shown?


    Your tag must be using proximityDevice.PublishBinaryMessage( "LaunchApp:WriteTag" , buffer, messageWrittenHandler); method to launch the application and this method returns a publishedMessageId. For example if you have set the default value of publishedMessageId to be -1 , then check if(publishedMessageId != -1) {proximityDevice.StopPublishingMessage(publishedMessageId); } , this will stop publishing the launchapp message.

    Then you can use proximityDevice.PublishMessage(<protocol>, <message data>);

    Now you won't get the open app popup and it will just read the data you are publishing .

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    Re: LaunchApp - Must the 'Open App' always been shown?

    Sorry, but I don't understand why the tag should be overwritten. I don't think that's what Philip wants.
    Maybe I don't get the point so please light me up!


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